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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Star Map

Although it seems particularly cloudy these days, there is still the odd clear night that we can catch a glimpse of some of the bright objects in the night sky.

One object that is hard to miss is the planet Jupiter. Shining high up in the sky (southwards mid-evening time) it is brighter the all surrounding stars. Its often thought to be a star or even a satellite but make no mistake, its a planet, as any look through a telescope would confirm as that bright dot is resolved into a small round ball with visible atmosphere and shining moons by its side.

Sadly, you'll probably need binoculars and a really dark place to see the faint the stars of Capricornus which surround Jupiter this year.

The brightest stars this month still belong to Scorpius and Sagittarius (Looking South) as well as the three stars making up "The Summer Triangle" - Vega, Deneb, Altair (Looking northwards and directly overhead).

Later in the evening and on towards midnight you might spot the four stars that make up the square shape of Pegasus (looking north east) and the bright "fish star" Fomalhaut (looking south east).

Happy Stargazing!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scobbers and Friends @ Brewerkz

Alas, September is here and as this new week begins we find an empty space, a gap, a void in our midst. Yes one of our group, our dear scobber Hui Ting "The Ting", has gone, departed, moved on to new pastures.

In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "departed" as it may give the impression that she has passed away but NO!!! Do not worry! Hui Ting is alive and well. What I mean to say is that she has just moved on to a new job, as indicted in the her Memoirs below.

Thanks Hui Ting for all your help at the observatory. Sorry I didn't really provide you with the necessary info to help ease you in, it must have been like getting thrown in at the deep end. I'm glad SK and Albert Ho were there with their great help.
Was Yong really that grumpy while I was away?

I like your Memoirs. I was wondering what you were thinking that orientation day, you were very quiet I remember :0)

Anyways, on the subject of those "liquids". Below are some photos of one of our outings to commemorate the beginning of The Ting's last week at Science Centre. (apologies for the blurriness of the photos, however, this may represent the vision of certain people after the consumption of said liquids :p)

At this point, I must point out that we scobbers are not compulsive drinkers of said liquids nor do we condone excessive drunkenness. We do like to drink such liquids on occasion purely for social bonding, fellowship and for the sometimes delusional ambition of becoming connoisseurs of said beverages.
Motto of the day: Drinking can be good but do so only if you want to and responsibly within your own limits. Also, respect the age limit and do not drink and drive :o)
That said, now on with the photos:
Prior to arrival of "said liquids"

In consumption of "said liquid"

Yong looking like he is in violation of everything I just said about being responsible with "said liquids"

Don't worry folks, he didn't really drink that much, we gave him all our empty glasses. He's just pretending............ or taking a nap, I forget which ;p

I like this photo because it looks like Yong has a transparent head, maybe he feels lightheaded! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....I crack myself up sometimes :)